Helping Hands Firearms Training facilitates concealed weapons training with a USCCA Certified Instructor.

The US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) has three core functions: Educate, Train and Insure. We educate you on Basic Handgun Safety, Home Defense, Basic Concealed Carry, Enhanced Concealed Carry, the Legal Use of Force and USCCA Instructor Certification.

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Why carry a concealed weapon?

It is Your Constitutional Right
To Protect Your Family, Yourself and Those Around You
When Seconds Count and the Police are Minutes Away
Your Situational Awareness is Heightened

There are several reasons to own and carry a concealed weapon but…Don’t Take Concealed Carry Lightly! Making the decision to become licensed to legally carry a weapon concealed should not be taken lightly. In your training you will discover that there are many aspects of the concealed carry lifestyle to be aware of.


Helping Hands Firearms Training partners with several US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Certified Instructors in order educate and train those who wish to conceal and carry. We work to create responsibly armed Americans. Each course that HHFT provides is designed by the USCCA and conducted by a USCCA Certified Instructor.

The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) has three core functions: educate, train and insure. Each of these functions are necessary to ensure that we are prepared for the day, that hopefully will never come, where we are required to use a handgun in a life or death situation. In our training we will examine each of these core functions as well as –

  • Handgun safety
  • Developing a personal and home protection plan
  • Self-defense firearm basics
  • Defensive shooting fundamentals
  • The legal use of force
  • Violent encounters and their aftermath
  • Developing a personal training program
  • Firearm holsters, safes and additional personal defense items
  • Benefits of membership in a 2nd amendment friendly organization
  • How to have piece of mind before, during and after a self-defense incident


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